Competition Team


Aragon Equestrian Centre attends a wide variety of competitions around Ontario throughout the summer season and would love to have you join our team! 



*** To be Updated at COVID information becomes available***

2020 Schedule: 

July 19th – Limestone hunter/jumper @ Glen Lawrence

July 26th – Oakhurst Horse Trials

August 08th – Lanes End Horse Trials

August 23rd – Limestone hunter/jumper @ Glen Lawrence

August 30th – Stevens Creek Horse Trials

September 20th – Oakhurst Horse Trials

September 27th – Limestone dressage @ Dreamcatcher

October 04th – Wesley Clover Horse Trials



Show Coaching - $50/day


Local - $50

Farther distances - $50/additional ½ hour (Ex: trailering to Ottawa and back about 1.5h - 2h each way  $150-$200) 


School horses and trailer spaces are available for showing on a first come first served basis. Students sharing horses also split trailering fees.


Riders are all responsible for preparing/ packing/ unpacking horses and equipment for competitions