Aragon Equestrian Centre offers full training of the horse. Our services range from starting or backing the young horse and basic training in walk, trot, and canter; continuing under saddle training of the green horse; reschooling the horse with behaviour problems or training issues to advanced dressage, jumping, and competition training.

Both Lisl and Linnea have extensive experience training horses and riders with  Art2Ride. Art2Ride is classical foundation training focusing on developing the horse's strength, balance, connection and engagement. Art2Ride helps horses of any age, level, breed or discipline learn to engage their hind end and travel correctly through their backs and top lines.

We are available to work with both horses and riders either at our farm or yours. 

Board packages that include training rides are available. Please contact us for training and board package rates.


Video is of a 10 year old Andalusian mare 60 days under saddle.

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Video is of a 3 year old quarter horse after 3 weeks under saddle.
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Video is of a 3 year old Hanoverian mare brought for 3 months' training after 3 weeks under saddle.
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